Travelin' Man TMCD 09 : Various Artists

I Can Eagle Rock
Library of Congress Recordings 1940 - 1941
Jook Joint Blues From Alabama and Louisiana

Genre: Blues

Track Details

Tom Bell : I Can Eagle Rock
Oscar Woods : Look Here Baby, One Thing I Got To Say
Joe Harris : East Texas Blues
Noah Moore : Oil City Blues
Kid West : Kid West Blues
Oscar Woods : Sometimes I Get To Thinkin' (take 1)
Tom Bell : Cross E Shimmy Dance Tune
Noah Moore : Settin' Here Thinkin'
Oscar Woods : Don't Sell It
Tom Bell : New York City Blues
Kid West : A-Natural Blues
Noah Moore : Lowdown Worry Blues
Tom Bell : I'm Worried Now and I Won't Be Worried Long
Oscar Woods : Sometimes I Get To Thinkin' (take 2)
Tom Bell : Corrina
Noah Moore : Jerry's Saloon Blues
Washboard Trio (Mobile Strugglers) : Red Cross Blues
Tom Bell : C-Natural Blues
Oscar Woods : Boll Weevil Blues
Noah Moore : Mr. Crump Don't Like It
Joe Harris : Baton Rouge Rag
Tom Bell : Storm In Arkansas

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