Country Routes Index

RFDCD 06 Various: Rockin' At Town Hall (Rock 'n' Roll)
RFDCD 08 Cliffie Stone's Radio Transcriptions (C&W)
RFDCD 14 Merle Travis: Country Hoedown and Films (C&W)
RFDCD 15 Various: Town Hall Party 1959-1961 (C&W)
RFDCD 17 Tex Williams: On The Air 1947-1949 (Western Swing)
RFDCD 20 Merle Travis: Turn Your Radio On 1944-1965 (C&W)
RFDCD 21 Bob Wills: Harmony Park Airshots 1953 (Western Swing)
RFDCD 22 Various: Sunshine State Swing (C&W / Western Swing)
RFDCD 23 Spade Cooley 1941-1947 (Western Swing)
RFDCD 24 Bob Wills: Rare California Airshots 1945-1946 (Western Swing)
RFDCD 25 Various: Solid South (C&W / Western Swing)
RFDCD 26 Texas Jim Lewis & His Lone Star Cowboys (C&W)
RFDCD 27 Harley Huggins & The Barn Dance Gang (Western Swing)
RFDCD 28 Tex Williams & His Western Caravan 1946-1951 (Western Swing)
RFDCD 29 Merle Travis: Boogie Woogie Cowboy (Western Swing)
RFDCD 30 Spade Cooley: Live At The Santa Monica Pier 1945-1946 (Western Swing)
RFDCD 31 Various: Seven Come Eleven - Texas Swing (Western Swing)
RFDCD 32 Chet Atkins: Early Chet Atkins with The Carter Sisters (Country Traditional)
RFDCD 33 Various: Country Girls On Western Ranch Party (Country)
RFDCD 34 Bob Wills: In Hollywood 1943 - 1944 (Western Swing)
RFDCD 35 Carter Sisters and Mother Maybelle with Chet Atkins (Country Traditional)
RFDCD 36 Tennessee Ernie Ford: The Tennessee Ernie Ford Shows 1953 (Country - Western)
RFDCD 37 Chet Atkins with the Carter Sisters and Mother Maybelle (Country)
RFDCD 39 Carter Sisters with Mother Maybelle and Chet Atkins (Country)
RFDCD 40 Carter Sister, Mother Maybelle and Chet Atkins (Country)