Travelin' Man TMCD 08: Various Artists

Red River Blues
Library of Congress East Coast Blues Recordings
1934 - 1943

Genre: Blues

Track Details

Blind Joe : When I Lie Down
Blind Joe : In Trouble
Reese Crenshaw : Trouble
Robert Davis : Poor Joe Breakdown
Jimmie Owens : Not Satisfied
Willie Williams : Red River Blues
J. Wilson : Barrel House Blues
Allison Mathis : Mama You Goin' To Quit Me
Jimmie Strothers : Goin' To Richmond
Smith Band : Fort Valley Blues
Buster Brown : War Song
Gus Gibson : Milk Cow Blues
Sonny Chestain : Po' Boy Long Way From Home
Buster Brown : I'm Gonna Make You Happy
Gus Gibson : Railroad Song
James Sneed's Washboard Band : Southern Rag
Allison Mathis & Jesse Stroller : John Henry
Gabriel Brown : Talking In Sebastopol
Booker T. Sapps : Alabama Blues Pt.1
Booker T. Sapps : The Weeping Worry Blues
Willy Flowers : Levee Camp Holler
Booker T. Sapps : Boot That Thing

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