Heritage HTCD 16 : The West African Instrumental Quintet


Genre: Folk / World

Superb line-up of two guitars, banjo, cavaquino, drum with pretty, melodious and swinging music by unknown artists. 20 cuts...their complete output in 78 issue order.

Track Details

Insu Shi Wu
Ontsi Bro Fu
Bea Tsin - No.1
Bea Tsin - No.2
Con Ko Bey
Ye Na Ako Fia
Kara So
Awu Raba
Som Mi Mu
On Yer Whi
Ser Akul Per
Pa Pa Bi
Tin a Tin Ka
Mi Wi Wi
Ader Su - No.1
Ader Su - No.2
Almer Bou
Swe Ter
Mia Nko
Bra Sil

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