Flyright FLYCD 58 : Various Artists

On The Road Again
Country Blues 1969 - 1974

Genre: Blues

Track Details

Lattie Murrell : When A Gal Cross The Bottom
Lum Guffin : Railroad Blues
Lattie Murrell : Spoonful
Lattie Murrell : Blues For Mattie Mae
Lum Guffin : Johnny Wilson
Lum Guffin : On The Road Again
Lincoln Jackson : Loping Blues
Perry Tillis : Kennedy Moan
Perry Tillis : Tell Me Why You Like Roosevelt
William Floyd Davis : Why Did I Have To Leave Cairo
Ashley Thompson : Sweet Peace
Lattie Murrell : Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
Lum Guffin : Old Country Blues
Perry Tillis : Denomination Blues
Joe Townsend : Take Your Burdens To The Lord
Lum Guffin : Moaning & Groaning Blues
Walter Miller : Stuttgart Arkansas
Dewey Corley : Last Night
Walter Miller : Sherman's Blues
Dewey Corley : Fool's Blues
Walter Miller : Hop's Boogie
Othar Broadnax : Don't Let The Peaches Look Mellow
Fife And Drum Band Of The United Sons And Daughters Of Zion, Chapter Nine : Sally Got A Big Leg

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