Flyright FLYCD 55 : Various Artists

Rock 'n' Roll Fee Bee

Genre: Rock 'n' Roll

Over 20 titles by the finest of Fee Bee (Pittsburgh) rockers.

Track Details

Willie Ward : Iggy Joe
Dave Day : Deep In My Heart
Dave Day : Jelly Billy
Joey Biscoe : Chee-Chee-Wah-Woo
Davey Day : Motorcycle Mike
Willie Ward : Be Mine
Dave "Diddlie" Day : Blue Moon Baby
Buddy Sharpe & The Shakers : Rock and Roll Roman
Buddy Sharpe & The Shakers : Linda Lee
Buddy Sharpe & The Shakers : Rocking Chair
Buddy Sharpe & The Shakers : Bald Headed Baby
Buddy Sharpe & The Shakers : Dry Your Eyes
The 5 Playboys : Mr Echo
The El Capris : Greetings
The El Capris : Ivy League
The 5 Playboys : Spring Is Here
The 5 Playboys : Never Let Her Go
Unknown : He's So Divine
Willie Ward & The Warblers : Oo-Wee Baby
Luke Lawton & The Chickadees : I Want A Pretty Woman
Moondog Lawton : Let Me Be Your Friend
Moondog Lawton : Whip It On Me

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