Flyright FLYCD 37 : Various Artists

Talk To Me Daddy

Genre: Blues

Track Details

Thelma Cooper : Ooh Daddy
Thelma Cooper : Talk To Me Daddy
Camille Howard : Groovy Blues
Camille Howard : Mr Fine
Thelma Cooper : I Need A Man
Sarah Vaughan : All Too Soon
Ella Johnson : Darling Baby
Ella Johnson : Since You Went Away
Lil Armstrong : Joogie Boogie
Lil Armstrong : Brown Gal
Lil Armstrong : Rock It
Agnes Riley : Big Fat Hot Dog
?? Millie Bosman : Is It A Sin
Unknown : Hey Little Boy
Lil Armstrong : Baby Daddy
Dorothy Donegan : Piano Players Blues
Daisy Mae & Hepcats : Stuff You Gotta Watch
Daisy Mae & Hepcats : Lonesome Playgirl
Claudine Clark : My Baby's Cool
Doris Browne : Hungry Girl
Fay Simmons : You Hit Me Baby Like An Atomic Bomb

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