Flyright FLYCD 30 : Various Artists

Fine As Wine
Vocal Groups 1952 - 1956

Genre: Rhythm & Blues

Track Details

The Mellows : Pretty Baby What's Your Name
The Mellows : Nothin' To Do
The Mellows : Lovable Lilly
The Mellows : Smoke From Your Cigarette
The Goldentones : Run Pretty Baby
The Crickets : Fine As Wine
The Crickets : Milk and Gin
The Scale-Tones : Working For My Baby
The Scale-Tones : Dreamin' and Dreamin'
The Scale-Tones : Easy Baby
Dean Barlow : Hi Ya Honey
Dean Barlow : Can't Stand It Any Longer
Chris & his Gang : You Move Me Sugar
Dean Barlow : Don't Leave Me Baby
The Sparrows : Why Did You Leave Me
The Sparrows : Hey
The Sparrows : I'm Gonna Do That Woman In
The Sparrows : I'm Gonna Hold My Baby Tight
The Pyramids : Okay Baby
The Chestnuts : Brother Ben

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