Krazy Kat KKCD 27 : Various Artists

Swinging West
Volume 2

Genre: Western Swing

Superb follow-up anthology to volume 1 (KKCD 15 no longer available) of Western Swing from southern California in the 1940s. As usual, some firm favourites but many lesser known - but equally good.

Track Details

Red Murrell : Steel Guitar Rag
Charlie Linville : Texahoma Boogie
Terry Fell : Stop Your Flirting
Douglas Venable : You Bought Sorrow
Red Egner : Brown Eyed Baby
Doc Denning : After I've Spent
Deuce Spriggens : I Been Down In Texas
Deuce Spriggens : What's The Matter
Plainsmen : I Learned To Love You
Charlie Linville : Yes You Did
Leodie Jackson : Double Crossin' Mama
Don Churchill : Yesterday…
Smokey Rogers : Blues On My Mind
Plainsmen : New San Antonio Rose
Porky Freeman : Electric Guitar Blues
Slumber Nichols : I Want To Be There
Merl Lindsay : Water Baby Blues
Jimmy Wakely : I've Got Nuggets
Don Churchill : Texas Plains
Maston's Music Makers : Slick Chick Boogie
Billy Hughes : Beside The Alamo
Rufe Davis : Lula From Missoula
Deuce Spriggens : Peekin'-Peekin'-Peekin'
Red Murrell : Little Darlin'
Bob & Jim : Oklahoma Lou
Saddle Tramps : Make Up Your Mind
Smokey Rogers : Shame On You

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