Vintage Jazzband VJB 1954 : Dorothy Shay
the Park Avenue Hillbillie

sings Feudin' and Fightin'

Track Details

Feudin' and Fightin'
Say That We Are Sweethearts Again
Flat River Missouri
Mountain Girl
Uncle Fud
I'm In Love With A Married Man
I've Been To Hollywood
The Style To Which I Am Accustomed
Just A Friendly Feeling
With A Little Indiscretion On The Side
It's The Little Things That Count
Agnes Clung
The Drainpipe Song
Mountain Lullaby
The Old Apple Tree
Love Isn't Born (It's Made)
Joan Of Arkansas
Since Mother Was A Girl
Grandpa's Gettin' Younger Everyday
No Ring On Her Finger
Why Don't Someone Marry Mary-Ann
Feudin' and Fightin'

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