Matchbox MBCD 302 : Various Artists

Trinidad Loves To Play Carnival
1914 - 1939

Genre: Calypso

Track Details

Jules Sims : Native Trinidad Kalenda
King Radio : Texilia
King Radio, The Tiger, The Lion : Don't Break It I Say
The Atilla : La Reine Maribone
The Lion : Ancient Carnival
The Atilla : Fire Brigade
The Atilla : Man Man Biscoe
The Black Prince : The Bamboo Band
The Caresser : Clear The Way When The Bamboo Play
Lord Invader : Ten Thousand To Bar Me One
The Growler : In The Morning
The Lion : Man, Man, Man Peter
Wilmoth Houdini : Constantine
Keskidee Trio : Sa Gomes' Emporiums
Wilmoth Houdini : Good-night Ladies and Gents
Wilmoth Houdini : Executor Doomed To Die
King Radio, The Tiger, The Lion : War
The Atilla, The Lion, The Executor, The Caresser : War
The Executor : They Say I Reign Too Long
The Caresser : Carnival Is We Bachanal
Lord Beginner : After The Bacanal
The Growler : Trinidad Loves To Play Carnival

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