Jazzband EBCD 2186 : Various Artists

They also sang with Tommy Dorsey
volume 2

Track Details

Jack Leonard : After All
Connie Haines : That's For Me
Chuck Peterson & The Pied Pipers : Skunk Song (part 1)
Chuck Peterson & The Pied Pipers : Skunk Song (part 2)
Bonnie Lou Williams & The Sentimentalists : I Should Care
The Sentimentalists : You're Driving Me Crazy (What Did I Do?)
Stuart Foster & The Sentimentalists : Never Too Late To Pray
Stuart Foster : Ol' Man River
Stuart Foster : Remember Me?
Mae Williams & The Town Criers : L-L-L-L-A
Stuart Foster : The Things I Love
Gordon Polk : I Met My Baby At Macy's
Gordon Polk : The Whistler's Song
Gordon Polk : Mississippi Mud
Harry Prime & The Band : Let Me Call You Sweetheart
The Town Criers : You Can Never Shake Love
Audrey Young : On The Painted Desert
Harry Prime, Audrey Young, The Clark Sisters and The Town Criers : Starlight Rendezvous
Lucy Ann Polk : You Know What The Trouble Is Baby
Denny Dennis : So In Love
Sonny Calello : She's A Home Girl
Jack Duffy : Dream Of You
Frances Irvin : C'est Si Bon (It's So Good)
Fred Norman, Tommy Dorsey : That's It!

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