Jazzband EBCD 2182 : Jerry Gray
& his Orchestra

Re-Stringing The Pearls

Track Details

By The Waters Of Minnetonka
Crew Cut
Sitting By The Window
Stormy Weather
The Carioca
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
Night and Day
All The Things You Are
Blue Skies
Dancing In The Dark
This Can't Be Love
What Is This Thing Called Love
Desert Serenade
In The Mood
A String Of Pearls
The Lonesome Whistle
Re-Stringing The Pearls
Off Limits
Minuet In G
Begin The Beguine
A Pair Of Trumpets
V Hop
Jeep Jockey Jump
St. Louis Blues
Shine On Harvest Moon
The Dipsy Doodle
Flag Waver

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