Jazzband EBCD 2158 : Glenn Miller
& The Army Air Forces Command Band

Moon Dreams

Track Details

The Army Corps (Opening Theme) / I Sustain The Wings (Opening Theme)
Snafu Jump
Moon Dreams
Playlet - AAF Redistribution Station, Atlantic City, N.J.
Song of the Volga Boatmen
Medley : Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair
Couldn't Sleep A Wink Last Night
Begin the Beguine
Blue Rain
Air WAC Plug
What Do You Do In The Infantry
I Sustain The Wings (Closing Theme) / The Army Corps (Opening Fanfare)
I Sustain The Wings (Opening Theme)
In The Mood
Now I Know
Playlet - V Mail
I'll Be Around
Medley : Long Long Ago
The Music Stopped
The Dipsy Doodle
(I'm Left With The) Blues In My Heart

Air WAC Plug
Guns In The Sky
I Sustain The Wings

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