Harlequin HQCD 106 : Desi Arnaz

1937 - 1947

Genre: Latin American

Fine, swinging bands (including five titles with Xavier Cugat) are featured with early vocalist, Desi Arnaz - before his comedy days with Lucille Ball. Some rare and underrated sides here. He later became very commercial, but not on these largely pre-World War II titles.

Track Details

Echa Un Pie
Ah! Viene La Conga
Vereda Tropical
Unión Triste
Vira y Vira
Congo Conga
Africa Cantá
South America Way
Le Conga En Nueva York
El Marimbulero
Alegre Conga
Piensa En Mi
Un Poquito De Tu Amor
Green Eyes
Peanut Vendor
La Borrachita
In Santiago, Chile
Tico, Tico
Carnival In Rio

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