Flyright FLYCD 66 : Frank Hovington

Gone With The Wind

Genre: Blues

One of the greatest unsung country bluesmen recorded in his own home and in his prime (1975). A shy man, he rarely ventured out and his pitifully few other recordings do him no justice. A real tribute.

Track Details

Gone With The Wind
Lonesome Road Blues
Digging My Potatoes / Who's Been Fooling You
90 Going North
Nobody's Darling But Mine
Got No Lovin' Baby Now
John Henry
Mean Old Frisco
Railroad Bill
Trouble In Mind
Where Could I Go But To The Lord
This Heart Of Mine
Blood Red River
Sing Sing Blues
I'm Talking 'Bout You
C.C. Blues
You Rascal You
Old Blue
Who's Been Foolin' You

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