Flyright FLYCD 60 : The 5 Red Caps

1943 - 1945

Genre: Blues / R 'n' B

Track Details

Boogie Woogie On A Saturday Night
It's Got A Hole In It
Get Off That Kick
Mary Had A Little Jam
Don't Fool With Me
Just For You
Mama Put Your Britches On
It's So Good
Gabriel's Band
I Learned A Lesson I'll Never Forget
I'm Crazy 'Bout You
In The Quiet Of The Dawn
Grand Central Station
Sugar Lips
Strictly On The Safety Side
Somebody's Lyin'
Was It You
There's A Light On The Hill
Lenox Avenue Jump
Boogie Woogie Ball
No Fish Today
That's The Stuff
Monkey & The Baboon
The Boogie Beat'll Getcha If You Don't Watch Out

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